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WIEF - UEF Chennai Roundtable 2018

UEF Chamber of Commerce plans to host Roundtable with the theme 'Innovative and Alternative Finance for Business Development in India' at Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India on 10th November 2018.


Theme: “Innovative and Alternative Finance for Indian Businesses”

Venue: Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Guindy, Chennai, TN, India.

Date: 10th of November 2018


Speakers expected from International Organisations like IsDB, ADIA, Khazanah, World Bank, CIMB, Tabung Haji, La Riba Bank, Amanah Bank, etc.

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 UEF Chamber of Commerce plans to host Roundtable Conference of World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF), KL, Malaysia, on 10th November 2018, at Hotel ITC Grand Chola, Guindy, Chennai, TN, India.

About UEF

The United Economic Forum works to improve the socio-economic status of Backward community in India. Founded in the year 1979 by Alhaj Dr B.S. Abdur Rahman, visionary and educationist, the United Economic Forum was organised with the cooperation of industrialists, businessmen, technocrats, professionals and intellectuals to uplift the Backward community through entrepreneurship, business opportunities education, health services, etc.

In its 37 years of existence, the main areas of focus for the forum have been the promotion of trade and commerce, enterprise, education (including technical), healthcare facilities, development of entrepreneurship, provision of economic assistance to the needy and opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, etc. The United Economic Forum also focuses on the promotion of social service to needy and under privileged children by setting-up homes across Tamil Nadu.


Alhaj. Dr. B.S. Abdur

The founding father of the forum, Alhaj Dr. B.S. Abdur Rahman, was born in Kilakarai, a small coastal village in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu. An enterprising personality, he established a number of world class businesses, educational institutions and forums within the country to improve the socio-economic status of the Backward Community in India.

Alhaj Dr. B.S. Abdur Rahman was ably assisted in the founding of the forum by several thinkers and leaders from the community.

They include:
Alhaj T. Abdul Wahid, Alhaj K.V.M. Abdul Kareem, Alhaj A.M. Shamsudeen, Alhaj T.E.S. Fathu Rabbani, Alhaj A.J. Abdul Razak, and
Alhaj S.C.M. Jamaldeen.

New Leadership & New Vision

AhmedA.R. Buhari

With its core ideals firmly in place, the old order has given way for the new. Today, the United Economic Forum is led by Ahmed A.R. Buhari, son of Alhaj Dr. B.S. Abdur Rahman, the founding father. Ahmed A.R.Buhari has done Master’s degree in Shipping, Trading and Finance from City University of Business School, London, besides a Degree in Marketing and Finance from Bentley College, Boston, U.S.A.

Young and dynamic, Ahmed A.R. Buhari is the Founder President and CEO of the Coal and Oil Group (C&O)and the 3rd son of the Founder. He has independently set up a Rs 8,000 Crs(US$ 1.3 Bn) 1200 MW Power Project in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. He was one of the largest imported coal supplier in India and has plans to develop the Madurai-Tuticorin Industrial Corridor along with the Govt. of Tamil Nadu, where he intends to attract and facilitate Rs. 64,000 Crs(US$ 10 Bn) of Investments.

Under the leadership of Ahmed A.R. Buhari, United Economic Forum strives to become a premier organisation that serves the needs of the backward communities at large. It aims to help its members make a mark in their chosen fields and impact the economic, industrial, educational and social developments of the country. He is supported by a committee of eminent personalities comprising of Professionals, Doctors, Leading Businessmen and Industrialists and others.

President Speaks

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credibility of our
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The forum has also launched a UEF Chamber of Commerce, as per the original vision of the Founder, in order to achieve its many economic, educational and social objectives. Among the forum's concerns is the development of youth as enterprising entrepreneurs, offering them the latest in training, technology as well as access to emerging opportunities, innovations, rising markets, government concessions and facilitating project finance including Shariah compliant funds.

Launch of Chamber of Commerce

Founder's vision was eventually to make UEF a full-fledged Chamber of Commerce to give impetus for Economic Development and foster close working relationship among businessman, industrialists and professional of backward community besides representing to the states and central organisation on their behalf. As per the Founder's vision United Economic Forum Chamber of Commerce has been launched on 6th December 2016 under the Companies Act by Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group, under the able leadership of its President and guidance of an eminent Board of Directors.



To emerge as a Premier forum for enabling the Backward Community to become 'Formidable Contributors to the Nation' through Economic Enhancement, Education and Social Development.


Become a Catalyst for Economic and Social development within the Backward Community.

Bring Together 1,500 likeminded Businessmen, Technocrats, Academicians, Professionals, and NGOs to work for the common welfare of the Community.

Provide Entrepreneurial support for existing members as also to encourage and mentor budding ones.

Facilitate Rs.1,30,000 Crores (US$ 20 bn) of Economic Enhancement for Members through Business Activities, Islamic Funding, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity, Govt. Schemes, Bank Finance, etc. by 2030

To Position the community as Highly credible and ones with high integrity.

To take forward PM's Make in India and CM's Vision 2023.

To target 0.1% to 1% of Mid-East SWFs of US$2 trillion (US$ 2 billion to US$ 20 billion) eventually.






Board of Directors

In order for the forum to achieve its goals, a Board comprising of Directors has been entrusted with the task of management under the leadership of

Ahmed A.R. Buhari


Dr. J. Sadakkadulla

Director General - Administration

Former Regional Director, RBI

Mr.W.S. Habib

Director - Seminar & Events

Managing Director, RWD


Director - Finance

Dean & Dean-Sr .CA

Mr.Shoukath Sherif

Director - Public Relations

CMD, Sherif Cargo


Director - Marketing Strategy

CMD, Parveen Travels P Ltd

Mr.A.Althaf Husain

Director - Charities & Homes

Chairman - Majestic Foundations

Mr.Sajid Sathak

Director - Proj. Investment Advisory

MD - Inno Advisory India P Ltd

Mr.T.Adnan Ahmed

Director & Zonal Secretary - Chennai

MD, T Abdul Wahid Tannaries P Ltd.

Dr.K.M.Abul Hasan

Director & Zonal Secretary - Erode

MD, City Hospital,Erode

Dr.M.A.Maluk Mohamed

Director & Zonal Secretary - Trichy

Director & Correspondent, MAMCET

Mr.F.Seyad Rabbani

Director & Zonal Secretary - Tirunelveli

MD, Seyad Spinning Mills P Ltd

Mr. T.E.S. Fathu Rabbani Mr. M.K. Sathak Abdul Kadir
Mr. A.J. Abdul Razak Mr. Abdul Qadir A.R. Buhari
A.W. Peer Ahmed
General Manager - Projects
T. Rizwan Ahmed
Senior Manager - Administration
V. Ishtiyaq Nadeem
Senior Manager - Islamic Finance
Burhan Sharief
Executive - Finance & IT
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