About Us

The United Economic Forum strives to work to improve the socio-economic status of the backward community and society at large. Founded in 1979 by Alhaj Dr B.S. Abdur Rahman, Visionary and Educationist, the United Economic Forum aims to bring together Industrialists, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Technocrats, Professionals, Intellectuals and NGOs to work for the common good of the community.

The forum today is a premier Chamber of Commerce and seeks to be a significant contributor to Economic, Educational and Social transformation of the State of Tamilnadu.

One among the forum's many goals is to work towards the development of Entrepreneurs, offer them the latest in training, technology and access to emerging opportunities, innovations, emerging markets, government concessions and  facilitate project financing that include Sharia-compliant funds.

The objectives:
  • To function as a Chamber of Commerce for promoting Trade, Commerce and Industry.
  • To provide entrepreneurial support for existing members as also to encourage and mentor aspiring and budding ones.
  • To actively promote networking among members as well as other trade organisations and  chambers to identify mutually beneficial intra and inter industry opportunities.
  • To hold dialogue with government by providing feedback from the industry on policy matters, advocate and help fine-tune policies and legislations to protect the interest of Commerce and Industry.
  • To conduct market surveys, carry out economic research and circulate findings to members through newsletters, economic bulletins, circulars and IT tools, and also share information on sound principles of Commerce and Industry among its members.
  • To organize Trade and Investment missions for members to explore investment and business development potential in India and globally.
  • To setup an Advisory & Investment Facilitation Cell comprising of experts in the field of Finance, Law, Investment, Market Research as  Advisors for the purpose of Facilitating Private Equity Finance including Shariah Compliant Funds for Projects & Businesses undertaken by its Members.

After successful two trade summits in 2015 and 2017 and an International Roundtable in 2018, the third edition of  UEF TRADE SUMMIT is all set to return on a much bigger scale with better prospects. This one-of-a-kind event will be presented during December 2020 as a direct initiative of the prestigious UEF Chamber Of Commerce. Building on the experience, outcome and expectations of the previous editions of the TRADE SUMMITS, the UEF Chamber Of Commerce will provide further impetus to the UEF World Summit through professional diligence, valuable insight, innovative excellence and world-class quality standards making it one of the most sought after trade events in the industry.

Founder, UEFAlhaj Late Dr. B.S. Abdur Rahman

An Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and an Educationist the Alhaj Late Dr. B.S. Abdur Rahman, was the founding father of United Economic Forum. His diverse range of business interests in the UAE and India included Construction, Real Estate, Education, Ship-owning, Trading, Insurance, etc.

His inspiring foresight formed the United Economic Forum that functions as a non-profit organization that strives to improve the socio-economic status of the backward community and Society at Large.

This visionary was adeptly assisted by a culmination of likeminded thought leaders to name a few Alhaj Late K.V.M. Abdul Kareem, Alhaj Late T. Abdul Wahid, Alhaj Late A.M. Shamsudeen, Alhaj Late A.J. Abdul Razak, and Alhaj Late S.C.M. Jamaldeen, Alhaj T.E.S. Fathu Rabbani and others.

President, UEFAhmed A.R. Buhari

"Inherent integrity and credibility of our community as per Islamic principles should be capitalized for the benefit of society and nation"- Ahmed A.R. Buhari

A charismatic, young leader Ahmed A.R. Buhari the Founder President and CEO of the Coal and Oil Group (C&O), has continued to enhance the vision of UEF.

He has done Master’s degree in Shipping, Trading and Finance from City University of Business School, London, besides a Degree in Marketing from Bentley College, Boston, U.S.A.

He was successful in implementing the 1200 MW Coastal Energen's Mutiara Thermal Power Plant in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. He is currently working towards the Madurai, Tuticorin Industrial Corridor (T3M4) along the Chennai - Kanyakumari Industrial Corridor (CKIC) on the lines of policies formulated by Government of Tamil Nadu and Government of India.

Under his able tutelage, his organizations have risen to be one among the largest promoters of Industrial growth within the minority community in India.

The United Economic Forum, under the leadership of Ahmed A.R. Buhari strives to create a positive impact on the Economic, Industrial, Educational and Social Development of the country.


To emerge as a 'Premier Forum' for enabling the Backward Community and Society at Large To become 'Inspirational & Formidable Contributors to the Nation and Beyond' through Economic Enhancement, Education and Social Development.


Integrity, Knowledge, Professionalism, Innovation, Passion, Nation Building.


Become a Catalyst for Economic and Social Development.

Bring together 1,500 likeminded Businessmen, Institutions, Technocrats, Academicians, Professionals, NGOs, etc.

Provide Entrepreneurial support for existing members as also to encourage and mentor budding ones.

Facilitate 1.5x Economic Enhancement over Business as Usual for members through Business activities, Islamic Funding, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity, Govt. Schemes, tie up with Business Chambers, Bank Finance, etc.

Board of Directors

Mr. Ahmed A.R. Buhari


Founder President & CEO - Coal & Oil Group

Mr.W.S. Habib

Director General

Managing Director, RWD

Dr. J. Sadakkadulla


Former Regional Director, RBI

Mr.Shoukath Sherif

Director - Public Relations

CMD, Sherif Cargo

Mr.A.Althaf Husain

Director - Charities & Homes

Director - Majestic Foundations

Mr.Sajid Sathak

Director - Proj. Investment Advisory

MD - Inno Advisory India P Ltd

Mr.Elias Sait


Director Finance - MEASI

Mr.T. Adnan Ahmed

Director & Zonal Secretary - Chennai

MD, T Abdul Wahid Tanneries P Ltd

Dr.K.M.Abul Hasan

Director & Zonal Secretary - Coimbatore

MD, City Hospital, Erode

Dr.M.A. Mohamed Nizam

Director & Zonal Secretary - Trichy

Secretary & Correspondent, MAM College of Engineering