ESIIA – EI Strategy

TN’s talent has been world renowned with right type of engineering much sought after particularly with Industry 4.0. This phenomenal strength can be very well harnessed for strengthening the State and Country.
In Tamil Nadu, there are 45 EI groups affiliated to UEF which has 105 Institutions with over 137,000 students, and faculty comprising of ~6,400 including ~1,800 Doctorates.
Globally ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Startup’s’ are said to be substantial contributors for accelerating Prosperity (Income and GDP) which is a CORE MISSION of any Country as also UEF.
In line with this thinking and with the support of EI management, Alumni, Faculty, GOI, GOTN, Investors, Tech companies, etc, UEF proposes to actively encourage the 45 EIs to start ‘ESIIA – Entrepreneurship, Startup, Innovation, Incubation, Accelerator’ centers.
UEF strives to facilitate 100 start-ups per Institution with a valuation of US $ 15 m each by 2050.