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The United Economic Forum Charitable Trust is committed to the task of uplifting needy and deserving children to support and train them into becoming self-reliant and responsible members of the community.

The founding father, Alhaj Dr. B.S. Abdur Rahman, was keen on helping and serving the disadvantaged and weaker sections of society and sought a number of ways to help the needy especially homeless children. As a result the forum launched a unique movement of caring for homeless children as early as in 1987 by setting up children’s homes in various parts of Tamil Nadu. However, it was in 1994, in order to streamline this initiative of the forum that the UEF Charitable Trust was formally set up.

The UEF Charitable Trust administers and supports Four children’s homes for boys and girls in Tamil Nadu. The homes are periodically reviewed by a committee to ensure the provision of necessities such as food, clothing and education. The UEF Charitable Trust is registered and recognised by the government’s Income Tax department, thereby entitling the Trust to tax relief and exemptions under section 80-G of the Income Tax Act.

The children’s homes managed by the UEF Charitable Trust are listed below:


    Al-Mumin Seethakathi Children’s Home for Boys
    Sakkarakotai, Ramnad District

    Located in Sakkarakotai village on the outskirts of Ramnad Municipal limits, this home occupies an area of 3.45 acres. The home has been functioning since September 1990 and is home to 41 boys. The home has an excellent track record of the students graduating from High School and joining Engineering Collages and Polytechnics for technical education.

  • Al-Mumin Shahul Hameed Valiullah Children Home for Boys
    Thanjavur, Tanjore District

    Located in highways on the outskirts of Thanjavur, occupying an area of 2.11 acres. This home has been functioning since 1998 and is Home for 52 boys. The home has an excellent track record of students Joining Polytechnic, degree and Engineering Collage.

  • Al-Mumin Malick Deenar Children’s Home for Girls
    Thiruvithancode, Kanyakumari District

    This home houses 90 girls located in the heart of Thiruvithancode, occupy an area of 1.2 acres. The children are studious and receive religious instruction from the home’s aalima. This Home has an excellent track record and students joining graduation, post graduation, B.Ed & Engineering courses.

  • Al Mumin Omar Pulavar Children’s Home for Boys
    Ottapidaram, Tuticorin District

    Started in the year October 1988, this home occupies an area of 4.42 acres. A mosque has been constructed inside the premises.

Supported by Founder


  • Crescent Residential Boys Matriculation School


  • Crescent Girls Matriculation School

    Chennai, Madurai, Nagore

  • Muthu Zulaikha Public School


  • Hyrathul Jalalia Higher Sec School School


  • Mela Pallivasah Girls Higher Sec School


  • Al- Hilal Matriculation School

    Thondi, Ramnad District

  • Columbo Alim High School


  • Syed Ammal Higher Sec School


  • Muslim Higher Sec School

    Peraiyur, Madurai District

  • Crown Matriculation School


  • Seethakathi Matriculation School

    Nethaji Nagar, Chennai

  • Muslim Womens Association Matriculation School


  • Muslim Higher Sec School

    Melapalayam, Tirunelveli District

  • Adi Dravida Primary School

    Melapalayam, Nellai District

  • Rajah’s Higher Sec School


  • Quaide-Millet Memorial School


  • Swartz Higher Sec School

    Tiruppattur, Ramnad District

University & Colleges

    • B.S. Abdur Rahman University


    • Crescent College of Education for Girls


    • Crescent Teacher Training Institute for Women


    • Crescent Yousuf Zulaikha Centre for Nursing


    • Kilakarai Buhari Aalim Arabic College for Boys


    • Crescent Career Guidance & Coaching Centre (IAS & IPS)


    • Thassim Beevi Abdul Kader College for Women



Health Care

  • Yousuf Zulaikha Medical Centre

    Kilakarai, Ramanathapuram District

  • Primary Health Centre


  • Shifa Hospital

    Adirampattinam, Thanjavur District

  • K.M.T. Hospital

    Kayalpatnam, Tuticorin District

  • Crescent Hospital

    Dr. Besant Road, Chennai


  • Al Mumin Seethakathi Children Home for Boys

    Sakkarakottai, Ramnad

  • Al Mumin Omar Pulavar Home for Boys

    Ottapidaram, Tuticorin

  • Al Mumin Shahul Hameed Valiullah - Home for Boys


  • Al Mumin Malick Deenar Home for Girls

    Thiruvithancode, Kanyakumari

    In addition to Homes run by UEFCT, following Homes established :

  • Al Mumin Al Rostani Home for Boys


  • Al Mumin KTMS Hamid Sahib Children Home for Girls



Sustainable Living

  • Yousuf Zulaikha Trust, Chennai.

    Established in 1993. It renders Educational, Healthcare, Welfare & relief Services to help people below poverty line including Women empowerment.

  • Seethakathi NGO, Kilakarai.

    Established in 2002 for the Promotion of Self-Help Groups, and women empowerment in rural areas.

  • B.S Abdur Rahman Zakaat Fund Foundation, Chennai.

    Established in 2007 to provide Educational grants for Zakaat eligible students.

  • 4M Trust, Chennai.

    Established in 2005 by Mr. Abdul Qadir Buhari, 3rd son the Founder to help Women Empowerment by promoting Self Help Groups.


  • Moral and Financial support:

    Financial support : Given to more than 40 institutions working towards the socio-economic cause.

  • Generous Donations:

    Gave Generous Donations to various educational institutions across the state for the educational advancement of the community.

  • India Islamic Cultural Centre:

    Gave financial assistance liberally for the establishment of India Islamic Cultural Centre (as the 2nd largest donor) and New Horizon School at Delhi as also other educational and healthcare institutions across India.




To achieve the objective of uplifting the backward community, UEF considers education as an important means to this goal. As a result, meritorious students from the Federation’s various homes are encouraged to pursue higher education and contribute to the community with their growth

Scholarships are awarded to needy children from homes as also other eligible candidates who are encouraged to apply for educational scholarships. Every year, nearly 40 candidates are awarded scholarships for professional courses. On securing a job, candidates are expected to pay back the amount interest-free.

The Federation constantly works towards mobilizing the funds for deserving students who seek to pursue professional courses.


Social Responsibility


UEF counts these among its social responsibility initiatives:

To provide for 10,000 needy children with quality amenities and facilities at its children’s homes across Tamil Nadu

Improve scholarship funds for deserving students in schools, colleges and technical institutions

Promote and effectively manage its schools, colleges and hospitals

Improve the standard of living of the Backward Community by developing entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers and scholars

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